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iBam 2


iBam™: World's leading next-generation all-natural speaker for iPhone, Samsung, HTC, BB, Sony, Nokia, etc

Loved by CNET and TechCrunch, and voted #1 as Top Green Product, the iBam 2 marks the world's first compact electricity-free bamboo speaker for your mobile phone. More than just a handcrafted speaker with a patented signature design, it is a story of how a sustainable product can be made in a socially and environmentally inclusive way.

It is also a story of relationships and teamwork within a unique innovation ecosystem: the story of passionate designers and engineers achieving excellence through craftsmanship, village craftsmen from Southeast Asia including Indonesia revitalizing their cultural traditions; the story of single mothers from Singapore regaining respect without having to decide between a job and their children; and finally, the story of youth-at-risk and ex-offenders taking personal commitment to cultivate positive habits. Beyond listening to music amplified naturally without electricity, the iBam 2 represents the revival of the human spirit in improving humanity and Nature - towards a greener and happier digital world!

Each exclusive package includes:

- Original iBam (handcrafted by the finest bamboo artisans in the spirit of reviving tradition)
- Elegant white protective natural pouch (beautifully hand-stitched by single mothers)
- iBam Story leaflet (with inspiring stories and instructions to take care of the iBam)