Edamame Cultivation Set
Edamame Cultivation Set


Edamame Cultivation Set


Edamame beans 

1) Before planting began, refrigerate three of the six packed seeds by for spare.

2) Grow beans grown in the basin with the paper at the bottom tray of the planting pot, then pour in the soil for cultivation. 
Slowly inject wet into the potting soil, use a chopsticks other items to turned the soil loose. 

3) Plant three seeds into cultivation at an average depth of 2mm under the soil and 30mm distance apart. Place the pot is in a more ventilated place. (Please always keep the soil moist and before budding avoid direct sun exposure) 

4) After germination, when the three seeds are grown up, leave the most healthy of the two in the pot while re-potting the other one to a new pot. 

After germination, place them near sunlight and cool airy location. During seedling, pay attention not to topple or wash away the seeds and seedlings when watering.